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she/her ... xviii
scorpio ... enfj


death is walking up and down this room smoking my cigars and taking hits of my wine. i starved for my art, i starved to gain five god-damned minutes, five hours, five days. i just wanted to get her word down; fame, money, didn't matter. i wanted her word down. well, death says as he walks by, i'm going to get you anyhow. no matter what you've been: writer, cab-driver, pimp, butcher, sky-diver, i'm going to get you . . .

o.k. baby, i tell him. we drink together now, as one a.m. slides to two a.m. and only he knows the moment, but i worked a con on him: i got my five god-damned minutes and much more.



astrid. she/her. scorpio. bisexual. eighteen. enfj.
byf - swearing, trigger warnings, procrasinates.
dni - under fourteen, discrimanatory, esp. homophobic.

pjo. wizarding world. teen wolf. jatp. twilight. cobra kai. acotar. shadow and bone. mcu. taylor swift. maisie peters. zendaya. victoria pedretti. peach pcr. blackpink. lana del ray.

this user is very funny and also very delusional.



SHOWS the haunting of hill house. euphoria. bly manor. teen wolf. locke and key. rpdr. hsmtmts. jatp. american horror story. cobra kai.

MOVIES twilight. orphan. kingsman. mcu. harry potter. mamma mia.

CHARACTERS santana lopez. marlene mckinnon. spencer reid. gina porter. yelena belova. ruby matthews. steve harrington. kate bishop. malia tate. maddie perez. scott mccall. roxy morton. remus lupin. emmett cullen. nesta archeron. jude duarte. percy jackson. makkari.

LIKES pinterest. making playlists. drafting fics. moodboards. astrology. loud music in airpods. women.

DISLIKES spiders. victoria argent. online hate after reality shows. comp-het. the fetishization of the lgbtq+ community.

MUSIC taylor swift. swmrs. tom grennan. vampire weekend. lorde. harry styles. hozier. lana del ray. girl in red. the stranglers. abba. mumford & sons.

BOOKS acotar. riordanverse. three dark crowns. carrie. all the bright places. tog. red, white and royal blue. the cruel prince. women don't owe you pretty.


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i. icarus.
luke castellan x original character.

ii. love, quinn.
luke patterson x original character.

iii. burning pile.
liam dunbar x original character

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01. ophelia, draco malfoy.
02. echo, robby keene.
03. rhiannon, ricky bowen.
04. sic ut vivre jason grace.
05. waterfall, jasper hale.
06. teenage culture, robin buckley.
07. insufferable, jay of the isle.
08. jet black heart, shawn hunter.